Senior Backend Developer
Senior Software engineer

A skilled Java developer with working experience. Proven expert skills with Java. Java frameworks - Akka, Camel, Flink, Dropwizard, Spring, Micronaut, Hibernate. In memory caching: Spring cache, EhCache, Infinispawn Databases: Postgres, Cassandra, Mongodb Messaging: ZMQ, Kaffka, ActiveMQ Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes.

Excellent in communication and teamwork. A self-motivated and hardworking person.

GTM Offset
USD 30.00 / hr
Hourly Rate
USD 4800.00 / mo.
Monthly Salary

  • Spring Framework, 7 years
  • MongoDB, 7 years
  • Hibernate, 7 years
  • JUnit, 7 years
  • Akka, 7 years
  • Apache Camel, 7 years
  • Java, 7 years
  • Apache Kafka, 7 years
  • JMS, 7 years
  • Spring Boot, 7 years

Work History
Aug 2015 - Aug 2021
Lead Java Developer @ Solvians

Architecture development, task planning, code review and support of backend for stock-trading websites. Key clients: UBS (keyinvest-ch-en.ubs.com), DZ Bank (dzbank-derivate.de). Backend system uses multiple sources for real-time prices and static data with high performance and availability requirements. Used technologies: Microservices, ZeroMQ, Spring, Apache Camel, Akka, MongoDB, Cassandra.

Aug 2014 - Aug 2015
Java Backend Developer @ M2B

Development of REST API backend application that manages data for mobile clients (Android and IOS). Technologies used : Java-core, Spring, MongoDB, Rest-API

Mar 2014 - Aug 2014
Software Engineer @ Danfoss

Was hired by Danfoss after internship for MD thesis project, to implement a prototype: multiplatform (Android IOS) mobile application, that perform wireless communication over CAN bus. The application used proprietary (Danfoss) CAN protocol over Kvaser BlackBird wireless adapter and helped the company to acquire new Market. Technologies used: Delphi XE6 (requirement from company), HTTP, UDP, Json, XML.

Apr 2011 - Jan 2013
Java Developer @ EPAM

Oracle workspace project: Outsource for Oracle company, website for internal Oracle customers that integrate number of financial products inside common GUI. Duties included bug fixing of front end code, using javaScript debugging and Fidler tool as well as maintenance of Java back end. Technologies used: Java, J2EE, Tomcat, HTML/CSS, Bindows, JSON, JavaScript, Ajax, XML markup.

Tests & Certificates
Oct 2017
Java Test by Melistics

Internal vetting test passed with 97%