Senior Mobile Developer
Android | iOS Developer

For the last 7 years my primary field of work is a Mobile Development (Android and iOS), and in general I have more than 10 years of experience in software development for different platforms. As a responsible person, skilled and ambitious professional I would like to use all my knowledge, experience and strong technical background to help you bring your ideas to Mobile Platforms. I know how to work hard, learn quick, and be a part of a team. Also, in software development it is always important be open and honest and I am ready for that.

Main skills:

  • Native Android app development
  • Native iOS app development
  • Java, Android Studio, Maven, gradle
  • Xcode, Swift, Cocoapods, Objective-c
  • UI and UX, Material Design, fast UI prototyping
  • Custom UI of any complexity (custom views, animations, themes)
  • Flawless and pixel perfect UI
  • Multiple devices (and screen sizes/resolutions) support

List of different third party technologies I am familiar with:

  • Push Notification (Firebase Cloud Messaging )
  • Social Network Integration (Facebook SDK, Twitter)
  • Payments (Stripe SDK)
  • Online Data Storage (Amazon AS3 SDK)
  • Local Database Storage (SQLite,including SQLCipher, Realm)
  • Mobile Analytic (Fabric: Crashlytics & Events)
  • Network interaction (REST, Retrofit, Alamofire, Json, SOAP, GET/POST data,)
  • Hardware (Camera, sensors)
  • Google Tesseract OCR system Integration
  • Third-party UI libraries
  • GPS, Maps
  • Multi-threading
  • Email and SMS sending
  • Video and Audio streaming
  • Android NDK
  • C / C++
  • PHP
  • Git, Gitflow
  • Qt, MFC

If you can't see here something that you need, then it doesn't mean that I can't handle it, it means I had too much to fit in! Just ask me.

GTM Offset
USD 40.00 / hr
Hourly Rate
USD 6400.00 / mo.
Monthly Salary

  • Android App Development, 10 years
  • iOS Development, 10 years
  • Mobile UI Design, 10 years
  • Swift, 10 years
  • Java, 10 years
  • Android SDK, 10 years
  • Apple Xcode, 10 years
  • Network Programming, 10 years
  • SQLite Administration, 10 years
  • Objective-C, 10 years

Work History
Oct 2011 - Dec 2014
Android and iOS developer | Team Lead @ Comepay

'Comepay' is a local Russian payment system. User creates a virtual digital wallet that bounded to phone number. Then user could refill it with money: with cash from special terminals on the streets, from bank card and so on. After that this wallet could be used for payments all over the Internet. From the beginning, as I was the first mobile developer there, I am worked on UI for both platforms, network interaction (sending requests to servers and processing responses), business logic. Later, while our team growing, I've mostly worked on the tasks related to optimizations, logic conception, code consistency and managed work of other mobile developers. I wasn't satisfied my work, I've tried to affect on the decisions of our managers but they didn't listened for me. That was the main reason why I've decide to quit and to start work as a sole developer, as I believe that great apps could be created only when you working in a close cooperation with a client, and I know that I can do that.

May 2010 - Sep 2011
C++ developer | Android developer @ Specvuzavtomatika

This job was connected with Digital Signal Processing, c++ | android programming, math modelling, working with mp3 files.

Responsobilities include: project management, C++ | Java/Android, team work, research in the field of Digital Signal Programming, mp3, encoding/decoding of information.

Jul 2008 - May 2010
C / C++ programmer @ Gradient

This job was connected with Digital Signal Processing, c/c++ programming at linux platform.

Responsobilities include: project management, C/C++, team work, research in the field of Digital Signal Programming, Linux integration.

Tests & Certificates
Jun 2011
Android Programming Test by Melistics

Internal vetting test passed with 87%

Jun 2011
Java Test by Melistics

Internal vetting test passed with 83%

Jun 2011
Swift Test by Melistics

Internal vetting test passed with 81%