Senior Backend Developer
Qt/C++ developer

Software developer. Experience in Windows, DOS, Solaris. Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, QML, ...

During the last 7 years main tool is Qt.

GTM Offset
USD 35.00 / hr
Hourly Rate
USD 5600.00 / mo.
Monthly Salary

  • Qt, 14 years
  • C++, 14 years
  • C, 14 years
  • HTML, 14 years
  • SQL, 14 years
  • JSON, 14 years
  • QML, 14 years

Work History
Jul 2010 - Nov 2018
Software Engineer @ TGT Oil & Gas Services

Development software for oil company, including:

‘Report Builder’ – application for organize and prepare corporate reports; templates are based on HTML, output format is PDF

‘TGT Installer’ – application for finding, checking, loading and installing on the client computer the newest versions of different corporate applications.

Applications for demonstrate abilities of communication between central server and extern QML clients (including mobile version for Android) via different technologies (XmlHttpRequest and WebSocket)

‘References deployer’. Set of scripts, allowing to user automatically create Inno Setup installer with new versions of the corporate references and deploy it to corporate server.

‘LDB_Widgets’ – library with set of widgets (formed as QtCreator plugins) for working with corporate local DB.

Dynamic Images Plugin – an application allowing organize and demonstrate dynamic moving of different fluid parts within and around the well. ...

Sep 2006 - May 2010
Software Engineer @ LorisSoft

Participation in development software for phone companies:

  • Banner Exchange/Eyeline Sharp Ads server and web-console for server controlling.
  • MMS providing (gateways for MM1, MM4, MM7 protocols).
  • RIA modules (Dojo, JSON) for billing system Development of:
  • Server part of web-based application for budgeting ABS Planner.
  • USSD services for Application Gateway like platform.
  • quick-access storage 'HeadFile' (file storage with keeping record indexes in memory).
  • class for processing data in logs, utilities for DB data selection, cleaning, changing.
  • multithread 'client of requests'- module for buffering and providing synchronous and/or asynchronous requests for banner exchange server (realization on C++)
  • GUI tool for testing of client-server pair working (GTK, Solaris).
  • adoption of the DTrace Toolkit scripts for Java 5 and the LorisSoft libraries.
  • localization and adoption of the BIRT report generator system. Creation and maintenance report

Sep 2001 - Aug 2006
Software Engineer @ ATM Ltd

Writing of drivers for the fiscal recorders ('PRIM', 'MStar'). Writing of the file exchange manager between the central office and client gasoline stations (multithread Win32 program). Developing library of visualization elements (including such classes as ProgressBar, CheckBoxList and so on) for DOS. Developing program for gasoline stations service based on that library. Developing classes for formatted printing text files on matrix and 'PJL-type' printers (from DOS applications). Developing classes for 'Record' and 'Fields' abstractions for firm's own database format. Developing 'tuneable' databases (tables and fields sets stored in editable configuration files). Developing dll for access to firm's database, demonstration programs of using that dll on C++ and C#. Developing Win32 applications for viewing/editing firm's database and exporting it to another formats (particularly to FireBird).

Jun 2001 - Aug 2001
Programmer-adviser @ Raduga Ltd

Involvement in the project on development programs for technologically optimized cutting-out and motion's registration of sheet metal on industrial enterprise. Development COM-server for graphic visualization of cutting-out results.

Jun 1992 - Oct 2001
Chief Developer specialist at the Information Systems Department @ Joint-Stock Company KMKB #12

Set of Win32-based programs was developed for the specialists of the medical clinic. Registration and processing of patient records, automated control over consumable staffs and internal document cycle. Total expenses of medical treatment are calculated for each patient. Corporate WEB-site development. The automated workplace for a Dining Service Department of the clinic, for DOS environment. (Application was working daily for almost 17 years - until October 2009!) Specialized software to provide external and internal reporting within medical clinic. Planning, installation and management of a corporate network (Novell Personal NetWare). Writing of the network-based programs (where database access is provided via Borland Paradox Engine, NWLib functions are also implemented.) Development of viewers for Paradox files (include ver. 4.x) for DOS and Windows 3.1

Jan 1990 - Sep 1992
Software Engineer @ The State Scientific Institute of Aviation Technologies (NIAT)

Developing software for automatic control systems of technological processes and diagnostic equipment (both for 'low' and 'high' levels), graphical presentation of measurement results. The program to provide exchange of files between IBM PC and PDP-11 workstation via RS-232 interface. TSR screen capture program to send graphic screen contents to a matrix printer (each pixel of image is printed, allocation of color is provided by amount of printer-head pins strikes). IBM PC based software for data retrieval and presentation of the MK-51 microprocessor's interface control board. Localization of the program 'PCAD 4.0' to make possible usage of a Cyrillic alphabet. Environment: CAMAC, PDP-11, IBM PC XT/AT, DOS, BGI, Assembler, C, C++.

Jun 1989 - Dec 1989
Chief manager of the Computer Center @ Aircraft Industrial Association (KAPO)

Activities on organization and maintenance of vital computing processes. Environment: IBM system 360/370.

Apr 1986 - May 1989
Engineer-designer @ Aircraft Engine Design Bureau

Design of turbine blades. Replacement a mathematical model, describing jet turbine-related physical processes, in software package GROT (part of the GRAD complex) and further using this software package in engineering process of turbines. Development of the program which allows to perform turbine's shape definition in few minutes (on dialog mode). Environment: IBM system 360/370, Virtual Computer System, Fortran.

Tests & Certificates
Jun 2009
C++ Programming Test by Melistics

Internal vetting test passed with 70%

Jun 2009
C Programming Test by Melistics

Internal vetting test passed with 63%

Jun 2009
English Test by Melistics

Internal vetting test passed with 53%