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"Express is a minimal and flexible Node.js Web application framework, providing a robust set of features for building single-page, multipage, and hybrid Web applications"

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    Middle Fullstack Developer
ReactJS/NodeJS/MongoDB/Full Stack Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer: ✅ AngularJS | ReactJS | VueJS ✅ PHP | Laravel ✅ MySQL | PostgreSQL | MongoDB | DynamDB | Oracle ✅ NodeeJS | Express ✅ Webgl | ThreeJS | PixiJS | d3js ✅ Canvas 2d | FabricJS ✅ ES6 | TypeScript | SASS ✅ Ionic | Bootstrap ✅ AWS | DigitalOcean | Heroku ✅ Facebook | OAuth2

I have solid work in web development over 3 years with AngularJS(1.5+/2/4), ReactJS(15+), Three.js(68+), NodeJS(4+), MySql, MognoDB and I have also a lot experience in Java SE/EE, Oracle. Experience in the full development life cycle: designing database architecture, designing GUI, testing, deployment, continuous integration and support. Clear understanding of Object Oriented Programming semantics and Patterns concept. Able to learn new technologies rapidly.

  • USD 30.00 / hr
  • USD 3800.00 / mo.
  • Ukraine

    Middle Fullstack Developer
Fullstack Web developer

  • I have experience in ruby (4yrs), javascript (3yrs), solidity (1yr), python (1yr), basically in web-development.
  • I have participated in 8 projects as a fullstack-developer.
  • I can skillfully use Rails, Express, React, Redux, Mobx, Postgresql, MongoDb, Redis, ElasticSearch, Web3.
  • I write modular and understandable code.
  • I am guided by SOLID and DRY.
  • I understand Trailblazer.
  • I'm on good terms with tests.
  • I use service objects.
  • I know how to refactor monolith apps.
  • I have a teamlead experience with team of 7 developers.

About me:

  • I have no communication problems
  • I consider myself a responsible executive (discipline and respect for deadlines)
  • I have successful experience in managing a team
  • I have no problem with reading and writing in english, but sometimes have troubles with speaking
  • I can design, optimise, program, any business-processes
  • I can work with "fuzzy" tasks (when customer does not sure in his needs)

  • USD 34.00 / hr
  • USD 4300.00 / mo.
  • Russia

    Senior Fullstack Developer
Full Stack Javascript / React.js / Node.js / Native JS/ TypeScript

I'm working as a developer since 2012. For the last 5 years, I worked in front-end and back-end development. I worked in complex and high-scale projects developing entire UI, widgets, and with frameworks for the whole Front-end from scratch and backend. Last 3 years I work mostly in React, Node.js, Laravel


  • JavaScript (ES6/ES2015, ES2016+), Typescript
  • React/Redux/Mobx/Saga, Vue/Vuex,
  • React SSR ( Next.js, Express.js )
  • Node.js, Express, Nginx/Apache
  • PHP (Laravel, Yii, Wordpress)
  • Firebase
  • Webpack, Gulp/Grunt, Flow, Babel, Parcel
  • Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, Cloudfront, Lambda Edge)
  • Wordpress
  • Styled Components, CSS Modules, SASS
  • HTML5, CSS3 with LESS/SCSS, SVG, animation
  • UI/UX, responsive web

Keywords: Javascript, React Js, Vue Js, Vue, Vuex, Redux, Laravel, PHP, Wordpress, Frontend Developer, Fullstack Developer, Frontend, Front-end developer ,Backend developer, Node js, Express js

  • USD 36.00 / hr
  • USD 4600.00 / mo.
  • Ukraine

    Fullstack Developer
Senior Javascript/Typescript Expert- React | Node | Angular

I'm a full-stack software engineer with 9 years of proficient experience using Javascript and its frameworks/libraries like React/Node/Angular/Vue/Express.js/etc.

I've accomplished many projects and got many experiences with not only SPAs development but also project management.

Programming is my passion and I love challenging to the complex logic of projects and solving the problem regardless of simple or complex.

💯 My Skills:

  • ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga, Flux, Redux-Thunk, Mobx, React-Virtualized, Material-UI

  • MEAN Stack (MongoDB/Express.js/AngularJS/Node.js)

  • ES5/6, Typescript, Angular 2+, Vue.js, jQuery, highchart.js, NPM, Webpack

  • HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

  • Cross Platform mobile ios and android App Development (React Native: 3 years)

  • Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL., MSSQL, and Amazon DynamoDB

  • Restful API, GraphQL/Apollo, Microservices API

  • AWS(Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Oracle

  • Heroku, Digital Ocean, Docker, Firebase

  • Jira, Trello, Git

✅ Why me?

  • I emphasize on Customer Delight
  • I offer Reasonable Price
  • I propose Guaranteed Result
  • I write well-structured and clean code with elegant reusable components
  • I am Hard-working and Energetic
  • I have great communication in fluent English
  • I am available 24/7

  • USD 72.00 / hr
  • USD 9200.00 / mo.
  • Ukraine

    Senior Fullstack Developer
Full stack web developer

Hello, my name is Vitali and I am developer with 6 years experience in analysis, design and development of business applications for commercial projects.

I have a strong knowledge in Javascript and Web technologies. I have good understanding of OOP concepts and development lifecycle. I am passionate about modern web technologies based on JS stack. Currently I'm working only on JS stack based projects.

I am really highly motivated person who is always learning, I am effective in working independently and collaboratively in teams.

I have master degree in automatic system of information processing. As a result I have got a comprehensive background of knowledge that helps me to grow as a professional, in addition, I have an experience in implementing business processes management software.

In my work I usually thoroughly analyze requirements and I believe that success depends on the clarity of the goals.

Programming Languages: C#, JavaScript Markup Languages: HTML, CSS, XML IDE, Components, Tools: Visual Studio 10-14, Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, npm, jspm, gulp, LINQPad, .NET Reflector, MS SQL Server Management Studio Databases: MS SQL, MongoDB Technologies and Frameworks: .NET Framework, ASP .NET MVC, JavaScript, Nodejs, Express.js, LINQ, DevExpress, Entity Framework, UML, Windows Workflow Foundation, WinForms, WCF Data Services, REST, XML Source Control: TFS, Git

Experience: .NET DEVELOPER, TOPSOFT 01/10/2013 – 01/10/2016 Project: Xafari Framework Responsibilities and activities:

  • Participating in team development of a project (business platform);
  • Analyzing requirements, technical design and development;
  • Writing technical documentation;
  • Developing and have participate in development of some modules; Development tools: Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.0-4.5, LINQ, DevExpress, UML, WinForms, Entity Framework, WCF Data Services, OData, REST, MS SQL

.NET DEVELOPER, TOPSOFT 01/07/2012 – 30/09/2013 Project: Galaktika EAM Responsibilities and activities:

  • Participating in team development of a project (enterprise system);
  • Analyzing requirements, technical design and development;
  • Developing workflow subsystem;
  • Development some modules within the entire project;
  • Fixing bugs;
  • Writing technical documentation. Development tools: Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0, LINQ, DevExpress, UML, Windows Workflow Foundation, SOAP, XML, WinForms, XAML, WPF, MS SQL, XPO

  • USD 40.00 / hr
  • USD 6400.00 / mo.
  • Belarus

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