Senior Backend Developer
Backend Node.js / .Net Developer (C#, ASP.Net, MVC)

Code that does not work as intended is a puzzle that I enjoy solving. I aim to make my solutions always as efficient as possible and of course my code is clean, bug-free and of top quality always.

I graduated from university with a degree in computer science with a specialization in "Automated Information Processing Systems". After my studies I started to work as developer-engineer working on solving automation problems in production and since 2009 I am also working as a freelancer. I am an expert in back-end Node.js (more than 5 years of experience).

Other very high competency skills include:

  • Expressjs (with different middleware solutions, REST API, CRUD (more than 5 years of experience).
  • Databases (more than 4 years of experience): -- using queries such as PostgreSQL (pg), MySQL (mysql), SQLite (sqlite3), MongoDB (mongodb) -- using query builder (knex) -- using ORM (sequlize, mongoose)
  • Web scraping with cheerio, puppeteer (more than 2 years of experience)
  • Any custom backend code
  • Windows, LINUX (C#, Qt) (more than 10 years of experience)
  • Web applications (ASP.NET, MVC/Web API) (more than 6 years of experience)

Web development, backend and frontend, is not only my studies, my career but also my hobby which I enjoy. I am intrigued by the workings of different coding languages, even code I am not (yet) familiar with.

Maximum client satisfaction is what is my main objective. I recommend and I implement the best custom solutions for your project (please see the testimonials from my previous clients).

GTM Offset
USD 30.00 / hr
Hourly Rate
USD 4800.00 / mo.
Monthly Salary

  • Node.js, 7 years
  • C#, 7 years
  • ASP.NET MVC, 7 years
  • ASP.NET, 7 years
  • jQuery, 7 years
  • Git, 7 years
  • Vue.js, 7 years
  • KnockoutJS, 7 years

Work History
Aug 2011 - May 2020
Rosmorport @ Rosmorport


Tests & Certificates
Jun 2014
C# Test by Melistics

Internal vetting test passed with 77%

Jun 2014
Node.js Test by Melistics

Internal vetting test passed with 81%