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GraphQL is a data query language and runtime designed and used at Facebook to request and deliver data to mobile and web apps.

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    Lead Fullstack Developer
Lead/Senior Fullstack Developer

I have great experience in Software Engineering (over 11 years) and a great desire to make things better! Worked with different well-known companies (like Cisco, Spirent, Ezhome) on projects of different types, sizes, and complexity levels. Programming language polyglot. Keen to study new technologies and methodologies.

During my career time, I've never been encountered with the situation when something is undoable. Every approach has its own benefits and trade-offs but I'm 99.9%-sure that you can figure out what-why-when to choose in each situation. That's the main point, an impulse in my life that helps me to solve any issue that meets me on my way (not only in my career).

Mostly proficient in the following languages:

  • Javascript (from ES6 to babel:stage-0 + Typescript) (React, Redux, Flux, Apollo, GraphQL, Webpack and a lot more)
  • Java (Spring, Hibernate)
  • Golang
  • Python (Django, Celery)
  • Kotlin

  • USD 84.00 / hr
  • USD 10800.00 / mo.
  • Russia

    Senior Fullstack Developer
Fullstack Java developer | Kotlin | Node.js | Kafka | GraphQL | REST

I'm Full stack Java developer and system architect with significant technical and analytical skills. I have been team-leading for desktop, web and mobile application, backend and frontend development for corporative and individual clients in financial, fintech & IoT and other areas for the last 10 years.


  • Java, Node.js, Multithreading, Spring, Spring IOC, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Kotlin, JPA (1,2), REST, Hibernate, Kundera, JMS, IBM MQ, WebServices, JDBC, JSP, AspectJ AOP, JavaMail, Ehcache, JUnit, Akka, Kafka, Struts 2, Vaadin, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, JAXB, Hazelcast, Vert.x, Hadoop, Ignite, Redis, GraphQL, Elasticsearch.


  • Javascript, AngularJS, Angular (2,4,5,6), Ionic, Knockout.js, jQuery, JS templates, HTML5+CSS, Twitter Bootstrap


  • Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL ,DB2
  • NoSQL: Apache Cassandra


  • Spring Security, JAAS, Apache Shiro


  • Distributed interaction: Apache ZooKeeper
  • Data Processing: Akka, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark.
  • Full-text search: Solr
  • Version control: SVN, Mercurial, Git
  • Web frameworks: Spring MVC
  • Web/app. servers: Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss
  • Infrastructure: Docker
  • Build tools: Docker, Maven, Grunt, Yarn
  • Operating systems: Unix\Linux, Windows

I'm passionate about delivery software and not only writing code. My main focus is high-performance web applications are written in Java, relational and NoSQL databases, and web technologies. Followed both Agile and waterfall methodologies participated in all the project lifecycle stages – from requirements gathering till support and tuning in Production. Have a strong passion for a high-quality solution with good architecture.

  • USD 48.00 / hr
  • USD 6100.00 / mo.
  • Ukraine

    Senior Fullstack Developer
React, Node.js, Meteor Full Stack Developer

I specialise in React, Node.js, Meteor and React Native development. Over the last 6 years I've been working as a front-end, server side and mobile app developer. I have created from scratch and enhanced plenty of web applications and mobile app backends.

My latest projects: Ryfma.com - Social network (Meteor+Apollo(GraphQL)+ReactJS) Proofer.com - Social Media Management (ReactJs, Next.js, Apollo(GraphQL)) MyBubblz.com - Social network (Ruby on Rails + Apollo(GraphQL) + ReactJS) Allremote.ru - Realtime remote jobs board (Meteor) Showtkr.ru - TVShow tracker and social network (Meteor)

Sell2mobile.com - Marketplace (ex. dafna.sell2mobile.com) (ReactJS) 2stick.ru (PHP)

Knowledges: JavaScript (React.js) GraphQL (Apollo) MeteorJS Node.js HTML/HTML5 CSS/SCSS MySQL, PostgreSQL, mongoDB, PaaS: AWS, DigitalOcean. Gulp, Git, Twitter Bootstrap Experienced with building RESTful API.

I'm a web developer, who can build you any product you want in any, ever almost impossible deadlines. I always do my best in learning new approaches to create wonderful things and do even more to deliver all this awesomeness into your product.

  • USD 40.00 / hr
  • USD 6400.00 / mo.
  • Russia

    Senior Fullstack Developer
Full stack web developer

Hello, my name is Vitali and I am developer with 6 years experience in analysis, design and development of business applications for commercial projects.

I have a strong knowledge in Javascript and Web technologies. I have good understanding of OOP concepts and development lifecycle. I am passionate about modern web technologies based on JS stack. Currently I'm working only on JS stack based projects.

I am really highly motivated person who is always learning, I am effective in working independently and collaboratively in teams.

I have master degree in automatic system of information processing. As a result I have got a comprehensive background of knowledge that helps me to grow as a professional, in addition, I have an experience in implementing business processes management software.

In my work I usually thoroughly analyze requirements and I believe that success depends on the clarity of the goals.

Programming Languages: C#, JavaScript Markup Languages: HTML, CSS, XML IDE, Components, Tools: Visual Studio 10-14, Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, npm, jspm, gulp, LINQPad, .NET Reflector, MS SQL Server Management Studio Databases: MS SQL, MongoDB Technologies and Frameworks: .NET Framework, ASP .NET MVC, JavaScript, Nodejs, Express.js, LINQ, DevExpress, Entity Framework, UML, Windows Workflow Foundation, WinForms, WCF Data Services, REST, XML Source Control: TFS, Git

Experience: .NET DEVELOPER, TOPSOFT 01/10/2013 – 01/10/2016 Project: Xafari Framework Responsibilities and activities:

  • Participating in team development of a project (business platform);
  • Analyzing requirements, technical design and development;
  • Writing technical documentation;
  • Developing and have participate in development of some modules; Development tools: Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.0-4.5, LINQ, DevExpress, UML, WinForms, Entity Framework, WCF Data Services, OData, REST, MS SQL

.NET DEVELOPER, TOPSOFT 01/07/2012 – 30/09/2013 Project: Galaktika EAM Responsibilities and activities:

  • Participating in team development of a project (enterprise system);
  • Analyzing requirements, technical design and development;
  • Developing workflow subsystem;
  • Development some modules within the entire project;
  • Fixing bugs;
  • Writing technical documentation. Development tools: Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0, LINQ, DevExpress, UML, Windows Workflow Foundation, SOAP, XML, WinForms, XAML, WPF, MS SQL, XPO

  • USD 40.00 / hr
  • USD 6400.00 / mo.
  • Belarus

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