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Qt is a cross-platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software with a graphical user interface GUI, and also used for developing non-GUI programs such as command-line tools and consoles for servers.

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    Senior Backend Developer
C++ / Qt / Linux and cross-platform developer

Experience: 15 years

Proven track record: samples of my code are on GitHub (see portfolio).

If you need a thoroughness developer and quality is important to you I will be delighted to help with your project.

Platforms: ⚫ Linux (desktop, server, embedded, kernel modules) ⚫ Windows ⚫ Android NDK

Languages and frameworks: ⚫ C++: Qt (many parts), boost ⚫ C: POSIX, Apache APR, libevent, cURL, openSSL ⚫ Python: standard libraries, Twisted, PyGTK ⚫ Bash

Collaboration and development process: ⚫ Conversational English ⚫ GitHub ⚫ Issue trackers ⚫ Software architecture (splitting to modules, design patterns) ⚫ Best practices (coding standards, avoiding warnings) ⚫ Continuous integration ⚫ Autotests (regression, test-driven development) ⚫ Linux software distribution (RPM, Deb, AppImage)

Here is my detailed skills list: ⚫ C++: Qt, boost, POSIX, libevent, libusb, cURL, OpenSSL, TinyXML, mongoose embedded HTTP server ⚫ Code verification tools: cppcheck, cpplint, Valgrind, gcov, gprof ⚫ Qt: model-view framework, QJson, QSettings, log message handlers ⚫ Technics: OOP, TDD (QtTest, GoogleTest), design patterns, multi-threading, asynchronous I/O ⚫ Linux: kernel modules, a minimal bootable system from CD/USB, RPM / DEB packaging, AppImage, bash / Python scripting, VirtualBox, VMWare, qemu, strace, ltrace ⚫ Embedded Linux platforms: RaspberryPi, SheevaPlug, router board, smart TV attachment, Android phones. ⚫ Collaboration: Git, GitHub, GitLab, SVN, branching, merging, rebasing, code reviewing, continuous integration, auto builds, BuildBot, Redmine, Bugzilla, Jira

  • USD 35.00 / hr
  • USD 5600.00 / mo.
  • Russia

    Senior Backend Developer
Qt/C++ developer

Software developer. Experience in Windows, DOS, Solaris. Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, QML, ...

During the last 7 years main tool is Qt.

  • USD 35.00 / hr
  • USD 5600.00 / mo.
  • Russia

    Senior Backend Developer
Cross-platform application developer

Senior cross-platform desktop app developer, Research Engineer with more than 10 years of experience. Have 8 huge and more that 60 middle projects as project manager, software architect and senior programmer. Strong skills (scientific work) in Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning. Development new and improvement exist methods and algorithms for described above area. As a rule I work on cross-platform solution for desktop, mobile device and embedded system. I use only c/c++ and couple of efficient library like as Qt, OpenCV, OpenVINO, dlib, VTK. By hiring me you can always count on a quick and high quality project execution, a well written and documented code, a complete cross-platform of solution and support in the future.

  • USD 30.00 / hr
  • USD 4800.00 / mo.
  • Ukraine

    Middle Backend Developer
C++/Qt, SQL DataBase, Software developer

I have my experience focused as a leading programmer and database administrator for more than 15 years. I had developed desktop and mobile applications for all OS.

Technological stack include:

  • Qt/C++
  • Java
  • PHP
  • DB: MySQL, MSSQL, Postgressql, SQLite.

  • USD 27.00 / hr
  • USD 4300.00 / mo.
  • Ukraine

    Senior Fullstack Developer
Qt Expert C, C++ QML / Web & Hybrid Apps Guru Node.js Ember.js Cordova

From the past till today: Developed about 10+ cross-platform Qt C++ QML Apps under NDA Projects. I am working with Qt framework since 2010 (My first Qt project was based on v.4.2). I am able to prove my solid skills and fast speed in real time.


Provide a Full-Stack for the Cryptocurrency industry.

Writing C++ Qt desktop and mobile cross-platform client applications: dashboards, wallets etc. for the Blockchain based projects.

Making ERC20 standard tokens.

Writing Smart Contracts for Ethereum platform with using Solidity.

About Web Dev: For 3+ past years I implemented a lot of solutions with Node.js, Express.js, Mongodb, Redis, RabbitMQ, nGinx for solutions like admin dashboards, marketplaces for users and around Adtech (Advertisement Technologies)

I was involved into html5 video apps & players development, video streaming solutions, integrations with media platforms like Kaltura CE and SaaS, Youtube API, Vimeo API, brightcove, oyala, JWPlayer, Videojs

I have been working a lot around Dev-Ops, Docker, Strider-CD and AWS.

Love to write code on coffeescript and to work with Node.js/Express.js on Backend and with Ember.js on the Frontend because these frameworks are very good to use for fast & stable development.

I worked a lot with different Google APIs and Google Aps inlcuding Google Plus and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn APIs

  • PayPal API, Braintreepayments API, Stripe API.

  • Node NodeJS Node.js

  • Express ExpressJS Express.js

  • Google DoubleClick, AdSense‎, AdMob, AdWords

  • iab VPAID 2.0 VAST 2.0 VAST 3.0 VAST 4.0

  • Facebook API

  • Instagram API,

  • Twitter API,

  • Google + API

  • USD 40.00 / hr
  • USD 6400.00 / mo.
  • Russia

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